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A dental implant is considered one of the safest and most durable treatments for missing teeth. In the case of a dental implant, the tooth is replaced from the root so that it replicates the functioning of the original tooth in the mouth. The significance of dental implants is that they are available in different sizes and shapes, which makes them a preferred dental replacement procedure. Only an experienced dentist can be able to guide you on the best procedure and type of dental implant that is required to replace your missing teeth.


Single tooth replacement

A single tooth replacement is the most common dental implant procedure where a single missing tooth is replaced with a single implant along with a dental crown to replicate a natural tooth.

Multiple teeth replacement

In a case where the patient has multiple missing teeth, a multiple teeth replacement procedure is followed along by implant-supported dental bridges.

Full teeth replacement

If all the teeth are missing in the mouth, an edentulous arch is prepared and is fixed using 4 to 6 dental implants. It restores and supports a full mouth denture.

Sinus augmentation

This is the most challenging dental implant process which is performed in the maxillary posterior region. While it is not easy to use the maxillary sinus, a bone is used to lift the sinus floor and fix the implant. Hence, it is called a sinus augmentation.

Ridge modification

If a patient has a defect in his/her mouth, ridge modification is performed. A bony defect means that the patient does not have enough bone in the necessary area of the mouth, thus the dental specialist fills the space with bone or a bone substitute.

As a patient, you should be aware of the procedure required for dental implant treatment. By knowing your options, you can prepare yourself for the treatment and be confident of the outcome. To get the best result of a dental implant procedure, visit Caspian Dental Center, Katy, and avail the best of advice from our experienced dentists. Book your appointment today by visiting this link now: