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When we refer to the word ‘crown,’ we might think of small crowns placed over every tooth when it is necessary to be restored. Dental crowns are caps placed over damaged teeth. The dental crown can be made of different materials such as porcelain, metals, ceramics, resin, etc.

Due to various reasons, teeth get damaged, and dental crowns are placed over these damaged teeth to restore their shape, size, and strength. The dental crown is fixed on the visible portion of the tooth. The dentist suggests a dental crown to be placed only when the dental fillings do not solve the problem. The crowns are easy to maintain without any special care except good oral hygiene.


Metal Dental Crowns

Mental dental crowns are a fabrication of different metals such as gold, platinum, copper, and base metals. Often, metal crowns are a mix of one or more precious metals with a base metal alloy. These are extremely strong crowns and hence, long-lasting.  However, Bruxzir is a new metal crown fabricated from zirconia, which is as strong as metal, but it is more aesthetically pleasing.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

Porcelain dental crowns are also referred to as ceramic crowns which are fabricated using porcelain or ceramics. If you are allergic to metal, a porcelain crown is a better alternative to a metal crown, but these crowns lack the strength of metal and may wear down the opposing teeth.

Resin Dental Crowns

Resin dental crowns are the most affordable dental crowns, and they are fabricated from a composite resin and are color-matched with the surrounding teeth. Resin crowns are not long-lasting and are susceptible to more damage when compared to other forms of dental crowns.

Stainless Steel Dental Crowns

Stainless steel dental crowns are meant to restore the primary teeth of children. These crowns can be used for the purpose of protecting the teeth and will disappear when permanent teeth erupt.

The different types of dental crowns are meant to serve a different purpose with a common motive to protect the decayed or damaged tooth. An experienced dentist can determine which type of dental crown is best suited for your needs. For an affordable and reliable dental crown treatment, connect with Caspian Dental Center in Katy. Book your visit now: